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Josie Interview

PW MIDWEST: How did you get into the wrestling business, and was it something you had always wanted to do?


JOSIE: Wrestling wasn't my first career choice. I made a conscious decision to get in to wrestling about a year ago. I called around to a couple of different places and they blew me off completely. Then one day out of the blue, I got a call from Eddie Sharkey saying he was a local promoter and trainer and he got my number from a friend of mine. He said he was having a show that night at 1st Avenue and I should come down and check it out. I went to the show and it was pretty fun. I got introduced to Eddie and Terry (Fox) that night and I signed up a month later.


PWM: Describe Josie to us.


JOSIE: Josie is just your typical new girl babyface right now.


PWM: In your opinion, what makes a great match?


JOSIE: Communication, to me is huge. A good ref and two people who want to put on a good show for the audience.


PWM: To you, what's the best aspect of Pro Wrestling?


JOSIE: Honestly, the best thing is having little girls tell me they want to be a wrestler when they grow up. It makes me smile everytime.


PWM: And the worst?


JOSIE: I don't think this business is very welcoming to newcomers,especially females.


PWM: Is there one match you've been in that sticks out as a favorite?


JOSIE: I did a mixed tag with Black Stallion against Lenny Lane and ODB. That was pretty bad ass.


PWM: Who have been some of your other favorite opponents?


JOSIE: The best matches of my short wrestling career have been with Rain. She really lays it in.


PWM: On the Midwest scene, who do you think deserves to go work at a National level?


JOSIE: Hands down, Austin Aries!


PWM: Using local talent, what one match would you book?


JOSIE: That's a hard one. I would put together a 6 man tag with Christain Moore, The Genuine Article, and Che Physique vs. The Fontana Family(Mason Quinn and Tommy Gunn) and their very distant cousin Josie. Something for everyone in that match.


PWM: Who have been some of your biggest influences in wrestling?


JOSIE: Besides Eddie and Terry, The Genuine Article(Chris Jordan) was a huge influence. Horace has all kinds of knowledge to that guy. Mason Quinn, Tommy Gunn, Che Physique....incredibly helpful.


PWM: What's the best match you've seen live?


JOSIE: I probably don't remember the best match...the match I remember enjoying the most was Austin Aries vs. Joey E ladder match for Neo-Pro.


PWM: Who were some of your favorite wrestlers growing up?


JOSIE: Junkyard Dog, Koko B. Ware, Hulk Hogan, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Randy Savage...all those guys.


PWM: If you could wrestle anyone, alive or dead who would you pick?


JOSIE: I would love to wrestle Lita in a winner takes home your boyfriend match and the loser has to work the video camera.


PWM: How much of your time is occupied by pro wrestling either training, tape watching or net surfing?


JOSIE: Let see.....I go to camp twice a week for 2 1/2 hours. I hit all my web bookmarks on my lunch break so that's an hour 5 days a week. I go to the gym 6 hours a week. I watch RAW and Smackdown if I get home in time.


PWM: What is your most memorable moment in wrestling?


JOSIE: Winning the Women's Championship from Rain was pretty memorable. One of the straps of my top broke 2 minutes into the match. The crowd got 2 great looks at my bare chesticles. I had to win this match one handed basically.


PWM: When did you make your debut, who was it against, and what was it like?


JOSIE: April 11th, 2003. My debut was a last minute decision by the promoter. I drove up to Hinkley Grand Casino to referee a match or two. And when I got there the promoter asked who I was and Terry told him this is Josie. She is one of my trainees. She is here to ref for us. It just so happened that Rain , Lacey, and Autumn Hayze was there also. The promoter decided that we should make the girls match a tag reffing for Josie. So I teamed up with Lacey. We all talked about some stuff but you know these things are subject to change at no notice. It was planned that I would get most of the heat. I didn't even know what that meant. So anyway the match starts, Lacey and Rain do their thing I get tagged in on Autumn. I go to give her a snap suplex, she didn't jump....170lbs of red head comes down on my head. I'm seeing stars but I get up. Then I hear tackle takedown on my left and I hear clothesline on my right. Nobody told me the ref would be calling stuff, so I got really confused. She reversed me for the tackle take down and as we all know he who throws goes...she didn't go. We just collided in the middle of the ring and stood there looking at each other. So I quickly clotheslined her. The rest is pretty blurry. I know Rain got to choke me with my hair somewhere in there. I also learned here that Rain's chops are brutal. I was black and blue and scabbed over. Lacey and I got our opponents into opposite corners with forearms and chops and did the double knock out. I kicked Autumn out of the ring so Lacey could pin Rain and it was over. Found out I had a minor concussion 2 days later. Welcome to professional wrestling honey!


PWM: What is the one thing you would most like to improve on?


JOSIE: I'm not even a year in, so I need to improve on alot of things. Right now I'm focusing on connecting with crowd more.


PWM: Give us a brief summary of your career.


JOSIE: 24 matches in 5 months. Some good, some bad, all memorable in there own way.


PWM: Where do you see yourself in 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years?


JOSIE: 1year-Wrestling around the country


5years-Wrestling contract, quit the day job!


10years- getting ready to retire!